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Unbeatable suction, unbeatable savings! Dive into our vacuum sale now! Click here!
Unbeatable suction, unbeatable savings! Dive into our vacuum sale now! Click here!

Live Product Demos

live vacuum cleaner expert representative online help choosing vacuums

Virtual Product Demonstrations and Q&A.

Connect to a Live Product Expert. Walk into our showroom without leaving your couch.

It's no secret that COVID has changed almost everything. One of those changes is the way customers shop. With more people either choosing to or having to shop online, we have been very fortunate to have built a substantial online presence that allowed us to serve our customers even during these harsh times. But we have noticed even with provincial COVID measures easing up; the online shopping trend seems to be sticking around for a while, maybe forever. Many of our customers who choose not to drive to a store, or are complying with social distancing measures, have loved the ability to talk to us virtually to get help with choosing a vacuum cleaner and get an immediate answer to their questions.

The concept is simple. You can choose to connect with us immediately, or you can schedule an appointment. Either way, once we are connected, you are assigned your very own dedicated product expert who will walk you through all the different models' features and answer any questions you may have.

You can even place your order right there and then.

Concerned about privacy, having a bad hair day, or wish not to be seen?

No problem. Right before you connect to us, you can choose to use both your device's microphone and camera or just your microphone. If you only choose the microphone, you can still see us and hear us, but we can only hear your voice. We will not be able to see you.
Mind you, we often have customers who take us on a tour of their home to show us the type of floors they have so we can better help choose a model, but you don't have to do that if you don't want to.


Monday - Friday: 10am-6pm Easter Standard Time

Saturdays: 10am-5pm Easter Standard Time

Virtual Call Duration:

We usually try to cap our virtual calls to 30 minutes max. But we would be glad to stay with you as long as you need us to make sure you don't have any unanswered questions or concerns.

Device Requirements:

Basically any device with an internet connection. You can connect to us via your desktop, laptop, IPad or mobile phone. If you are on a Wifi network, there are no charges.

Are there costs and other charges?

No. We provide this service to you completely free of charge.  

Geographical limits:

Yes, this service is available to Canadian customers only. Since we do not ship most of our products to the US and consider that American models are usually different from Canadian models, we, unfortunately, can not cater to our American customers. 


How does it work?

Well, once you click on the link, you will be redirected to a separate page which will ask you if you would like to use your device's camera, or speaker or both. Don't worry if you having a bad hair day. If you choose not to be seen, deny access to the camera and just allow access to your device's microphone. You will see us, but we wont see you. We both will hear each other.

Needless to say, we provide this service to you free of charge. 

Also, just so there are no surprises, take a look at the demo below which will show you exactly what happens when you click on the link to meet a live product expert: