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Bionic Breezo Probiotic Air Treatment

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Your Surfaces Are NOT As Clean As You Think

Surfaces in your home or office may not be as clean as you think. Your cleaning and disinfecting routine may not be entirely killing pathogens, bacteria or viruses as intended. E.coli, Staphylococcus, the seasonal flu virus and Covid-19 may remain on high touch surfaces such as door handles, TV remotes, keyboards, and countertops. Grocery store cart handles, fridge door handles, checkout counters, PIN pads, and other high touch areas may still have bacterial and viral contamination due to Biofilms allowing these bacteria and viruses to hide from disinfectants. So your cleaning solutions may actually not reach the pathogens you are trying to kill.

What is Biofilm?

What is Biofilm?

A biofilm is an assembly of microbial cells that create a microscopic habitat or invisible layer on any surface. This helps protect them from other microbials such as bacteria and viruses. Similar to plaque on your teeth, bacterial biofilms can form on any surface indoors and out. Mother nature creates biofilms naturally on any surface to help protect microbes. Biofilms house and shield pathogens including bacteria and viruses from each other as well as chemicals, disinfectants, cleaning agents and biocides. So disinfectants may actually not reach the intended target!.


Direct Cleaning Problem

Spraying and cleaning high touch surfaces with bleach or any other biocide or disinfectant may not kill harmful bacteria and viruses because these pathogens are protected under the biofilm.

Disinfecting Problem

Fogging large areas does not allow the disinfectant or biocide to penetrate the biofilm. Pathogens, allergens, bacteria and viruses can remain largely unaffected.

High Touch Surfaces

The threat of illness from the spread of bacteria and viruses from door handles, grocery carts, elevator buttons, bank machine pads, light switches, hand rails and counter tops remains.


Break Down Biofilms

Probiotics are proven to break down biofilms which is the naturally created hiding place for all bacteria and viruses. After the biofilm is depleted, disinfects can go to work killing pathogens and harmful bacteria and viruses as intended.

Disinfect Surfaces

Once the biofilm has been broken down, topical cleaning or fogging a disinfectant can now properly kill bacteria and viruses as designed.

Guard and Protect

Once all bacteria and viruses are dead and your indoor environment is sterile. Make sure probiotics are the first colonizers again. Having Breezo Probiotics colonize your surfaces after disinfection will help prevent pathogenic bacteria and viruses from colonizing again on high touch areas.


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