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Element Fire Extinguisher - E50

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Element Fire Extinguisher E-50

As a business owner, I have the luxury of offering certain products not necessarily based on numbers, figures or projected sales, but merely because the product is something that I would want to have and use in my own house or place of business. The Element Fire Extinguisher is one of those products. I have had little fire scares in the house, always caused unintentionally of course and purely due to lack of attention, and I have purchased the big, heavy, bulky fire extinguisher capsules, which frankly I have never used, so I certainly hope if there is ever a need to use them, I would figure it out right there and then. They are meant to be foolproof anyway. But they are bulky, heavy and certainly cause a mess. So when I came across the Element Fire Extinguisher, I was intrigued. I wanted one for myself, and so I figured, others would too. The E-50 is lightweight, easy to store, easy to operate and is made to handle any type of major fire.

To be specific;

  • Type A fires: Wood, Coal and trash
  • Type B fires: Flammable gases and liquids
  • Type C fires: Electrical up to 100000 Volts
  • Type K fires: Cooking oil and grease

An impressive fact, The Element E-50 fire extinguisher runs 5 times longer than the 5lb fire extinguishing capsules.

One of the most attractive features of the E-5 is its size and weight;

  • 30cm (11.75") tall, 3.2cm (1.2") diameter, 230 grams (0.6lbs) weight
    Portable & fits almost everywhere.

Another reason why we like the E-50 is that it

  • MAKES NO MESS / LEAVES NO RESIDUE & ECO-FRIENDLY, No mess, non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly
  • ZERO PRESSURE DISCHARGE, It will not spread oil & liquid fires
  • SAFE & MAINTENANCE-FREE, There are No moving parts or compressed gas to ever service
  • WEATHERPROOF and unaffected by extreme temperature, humidity, or vibration. Safe to store in wet environments. 
  • Element E-50 can safely be stored in vehicles that live in hot climates.



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