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Brand: Henry
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Henry Cordless HVB160 Vacuum Cleaner

The Numatic Henry Cordless Vacuum is a unicorn among vacuum cleaners. Really! Almost all cordless vacuum cleaners in the market are stick vacuums, so what if you are looking for an excellent quality cordless vacuum that is not a stick vacuum? Well, meet Henry Cordless. A bagged, canister vacuum that is cordless. That means this vacuum addresses some of the most common shortcomings of most of the cordless stick vacuum cleaners in the market. One is the style of the vacuum. One of the biggest problems with most cordless vacuums is their shape. With stick vacuums, the motor unit is located at the handle, making these vacuums very top-heavy. On the other hand, Henry Cordless is a canister. The most significant advantage is that the heaviest part of the vacuum, the motor and dust compartment, sits on the floor. The only weight you need to carry is a very lightweight hose and attachments. The other issue is dirt management. Where most cordless vacuums are bagless, Henry Cordless gets a 6-litre HEPAFLO dust bag. That is a considerable dirt capacity, which means you can go much longer without frequently disposing of the dirt. Another issue is filtration. Because of the same HEPAFLO bag and a secondary TriTex filter, the Henry Cordless has superb filtration. Made in the UK, Henry Cordless is one of the best quality cordless vacuums in the market.

What's In The Box?

| Henry Cordless HVB160 (Red/Black) | Combination Floor Tool | 2X Lithium Ion Batteries | 1X Charger | Three Piece Wand | Tritex Filter | 1X Hepaflo Bag Installed | 1X Dusting Brush | 1X Crevice Tool | 1X Upholstery Tool

Attachment Included

Combination Floor Tool

This Combination Floor Tool is an excellent tool for Bare/Hard floors and low Pile /Flat carpet and Rugs. Hence called a "Combination" tool. This attachment is very popular because it allows you to switch between Bare Floors and Rugs without changing the floor attachment from one surface to another.

Accessories Included

Dusting Brush

Dusting Brush sucks up dust while you clean. Ultra soft bristles gently dust televisions and photo frames whilst flexing around intricate surfaces like skirting boards and architrave.

Upholstery Tool

Upholstery Tool, perfect size for stairs and furniture. Stiff brush makes light work of car carpets

Crevice Tool

Crevice Tool reaches narrow spaces, perfect for the car, under appliances and down the back of the sofa.


2 Powerful Removable Batteries

The Henry Cordless gets two powerful 36 Volts batteries. And it requires only one battery to operate. That means you will always have another battery fully charged and ready to go.

60 Min Run Time

At 30 min Run time per battery, the Henry Cordless gives you have at least 1 hour of run time. That is enough time to deep clean your whole house, car, boat or RV without running out of juice. The battery charges surprisingly quickly. From zero to fully charged in 3.5 hours.

Huge Capacity

With a 6 litres dust capacity, the henry compact has the highest dust capacity in its class. That means less emptying and less money spent on bags.

TriTex Filtration System

The TriTex Filtration system improves filtration, cleanliness and capacity. Also, by separating the dust compartment from the motor housing, the Tritex filter helps prevent dust from entering the motor and hence increases the life of the motor.

Wand Docking

Convenient, on-board wand docking storage makes it easy for you to place the wand on the back of the vacuum while you pause vacuuming or when storing the vacuum away.

Stores Neatly Away

On-board tool storage means tools are always to hand and neatly packed away. The vacuum itself can easily be tucked away in a small closet without taking too much room.

Products you should consider adding


Brand Henry
Vacuum Style Canister
Vacuum Type Bagged
Suitable for Hard Floors Yes
Carpets/Rugs Low Pile (0"-0.25") Yes
Carpets/Rugs Medium Pile(0.25"-0.5") No
Carpets/Rugs High Pile(0.5"+) No
Pet Hair Little
Combination Floor Tool Yes
Dedicated Bare Floor Tool No
Dedicated Carpet Tool No
Air Driven Carpet Tool No
Motorized Carpet Tool No
Height Adjustable Motorized Carpet Tool No
Headlight on Carpet Tool No
Variable Suction Setting Yes
Cord Length NA
Integrated Accessories Storage Yes
Cordless Yes
Weight 12 Lbs
Motor Power NA
Bagless No
Dust Bag Capacity 6 L
Automatic Cord Rewind NA


Free 10 Years
Motor & Parts Warranty
10 years as long as NaceCare OEM Vacuum Bags are used in the machine otherwise it is reduced to 2 years. Parts including switches and electrical parts excluding wear items. Labour Warranty is only 3 years.
Wear Items
Warranty Exclusions
These items are not eligible for warranty coverage. These include: vacuum hoses, hose cuffs, hose fittings, brushes, belts, filters, filter screens, grips, Castors, Wheels, Tires, Light Bulbs, Gaskets, Carbon brushes, fuses, drain hoses, power cords, bearings, o-rings, armatures, and vacuum bags.
Warranty Center
We are a Numatic service and warranty center. When you purchase your new Numatic vacuum from us, and a part needs to be changed under warranty, you can contact us, and we will ship you the part free of charge.


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