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Standard Central Vacuum Hose Kit 9-in-1 Package (30')

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Standard Non-electric Central Vacuum Hose Kit 9-in-1 Package (30')

This standard hose air kit fits all central vacuums, no matter what make (Beam, Eureka, Electrolux, Honeywell) model, or age it is. It is suitable for hardwood floors and low-pile rugs and carpets. Please note this is a non-electric hose without wiring. So, there is no on/off button for the vacuum. Your central vacuum turns on as soon as you plug the hose into the wall outlet. This hose is not compatible with an electric powerhead.

The package includes:

  1. Standard 30ft light grey crushproof hose that is easy to manage.
  2. Steel telescopic friction fit wand that extends from 23โ€ to 38โ€. So, you can adjust its length for a more convenient vacuuming experience.
  3. 11โ€ combination floor tool that allows switching between bare floors and rugs using the pedal on the tool and without having to change the floor attachment from one surface to another. When pushed forwards, the bristles retract, leaving a smooth steel plate to run smoothly over rugs. When using this tool on rugs, make sure to reduce the suction by the suction controls on the canister. When pushed backward, the bristles pop out allowing the tool to travel smoothly on Bare Floors such as hardwood, laminate, and ceramic.ย 
  4. 10โ€ natural soft hard floor brush is perfect for all types of tiles, wood, marble, cork, and bamboo floors.
  5. Round dusting brush with natural soft bristles. Ideal for cleaning cars, computers, and hard surfaces.
  6. Upholstery tool with soft natural slide-on brush bristles. Ideal for furniture, stairs, and curtains.
  7. 8โ€ crevice tool that is ideal for corners, and hard-to-reach space.
  8. Tool caddy for installing the accessories onto the wand and have them always with you during vacuuming.
  9. Metal hose hanger to store your hose without taking up too much space.


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