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See what is sucking up all our sales here.
See what is sucking up all our sales here.
6 Differences Between Miele C2 and C3 Vacuum Cleaners

6 Differences Between Miele C2 and C3 Vacuum Cleaners

That is a common question we get all the time. Before we go any further, let's remember that all Miele Vacuum Cleaners share some basic features:

  • All Miele Vacuums come with a Quiet 1200 W motor. That means They all have the same suction power.
  • They are all made of ABS Plastic, which makes them extremely durable but very lightweight.
  • They all have superb filtration systems that combine sealed design and high-quality Hepa bags and filters. That means these machines do not leak dust back into the air.
  • They all have the same warranties. (5 Years on parts and labour and 7 Years on the motor).

So what is the difference between Miele C2 and C3 Models?

  1. Weight: C2 Models weigh 10.5 lbs vs C3s at 13 lbs
  2. Cord Length: C2 Models have a 21' Cord vs C3s with a 24' cord
  3. Total Operating Radius. C2 Models at 31 Feet, C3 Models at 33 Feet
  4. Suction Settings: Both Have 6 Suction Settings. In C2 models, it's a hand-operated rotary dial, and in the C3 models, it's digital and foot-operated. It's easier to use the suction settings in the C3 models.
  5. Bag Type: C2 Models take FJM Bags at 3.5 Liters. C3 Models take GN Bags at 4.5 Liters. Less frequent changing of bags is required in the C3 models.
  6. Accessory Tools: C2 Models have exposed accessory tools that sit on the base of the hose whereas the C3 Models have hidden On-Board Accessory Tools. Less chance of the tools getting in the way or getting lost.

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