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Central Vacuum Electric Powerheads

A Central Vacuum Power Head is a carpet tool meant for spaces with wall to wall carpeting. Due to the agitation caused by these powerful Power Heads, Carpets are deep cleaned with each vacuuming session. After all, a Power Head's job is to create agitation on carpets in order to remove dust, allergens and dander from deep piles of the carpet leaving the carpets clean and refreshed. 

The models you see below are among the most reliable in the market. Sweep & Groom Powerheads have been around for a very long time and are known to be very reliable. The Wessel Werk Power Head is a German Make and is one of the most powerful Central Vacuum Power Heads equipped with a 5 Setting Height adjustable feature which allows the user to control how much agitation is used on different types of Carpet. That makes this Power Head suitable for fine Persian rugs to shag carpets.

The Central Vacuum Power Head Attachments you see below fit almost all central vacuum hoses except some Hayden, Kenmore and Electrolux models.