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Kenmore Canister Vacuum vs Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaner Comparison.

Kenmore Canister Vacuum vs Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaner Comparison.

Kenmore Canister Vacuum Vs Miele Canister Vacuums

Hi, do you sell parts for Kenmore vacuums?

Oh, the number of times we get that same question every day. And that is not surprising. Most of the Kenmore vacuums sold by Sears Canada are now at least 10-15 years old and start to bite the dust. With Sears having closed all their Canadian locations, many of our customers are Ex-Kenmore owners, looking to replace parts or get their vacuum repaired. And it is not helpful that Kenmore parts are becoming increasingly expensive and harder to find.

Hence, most people would look at the alternative which is to purchase a new vacuum. Maybe a new Kenmore vacuum? But wait, Kenmores were sold by Sears Canada. And they are not around anymore.

Frankly, even if Sears was still operational in Canada and you could purchase a brand new Kenmore vacuum, anyone who owns an older model Kenmore would be extremely disappointed with the quality and performance of the new Kenmore vacuums. This is because Panasonic stopped making vacuum cleaners for Kenmore as of the end of 2016. That is where we get many customers who want to learn more about Miele vacuum Cleaners.

Specific Miele models and the older Kenmores are similar in that they are both Bagged, Canister vacuums that come equipped with an electric powerhead. That means both the Kenmore and Miele models can handle any flooring from wall to wall carpets, area rugs and bare floors such as ceramic, hardwood, tile, and Pet hair.

However, Although we like Kenmore Vacuums, especially the older ones made by Panasonic, Miele vacuums were always slightly better in a few different performance areas.

Miele vacuums have much better filtration:

Kenmore vacuums do not offer the best filtration in comparison to the competition. Kenmore vacuums are not sealed units, and they use a thin cloth dust bag or, even worse, a paper dust bag. That means most of the dust that is vacuumed is thrown right back into the air through the vacuum exhaust. Also, although some Kenmore models are equipped with a "HEPA" filtration, the HEPA filter itself is not entirely sealed.

Compare this to a Miele vacuum that comes standard with a three-layer filtration system and a completely sealed compartment. The Miele Air Clean System consists of a Nine Layer Microfiber Dust Bags, a Pre-motor filter, a Microfilter exhaust filter and a Sealed Compartment System. This means No Dust will ever escape a Miele Vacuum. That eliminates health problems such as Asthma, Allergies and other respiratory problems. The Miele AirClean filter system guarantees the filtration of more than 99.9% of the fine dust. In a way, the air that comes out of the exhaust is cleaner than the air inside the room.

Miele Vacuums are Lighter Than Kenmore

At 13 lbs, a Miele vacuum canister is about 4 pounds lighter than the 17lbs Kenmore.

Miele vacuums are much easier to maneuver:

Kenmore vacuums have two large wheels at the front, and a caster at the back of the machine; Miele vacuums are made with 3 Casters that swivel 360 degrees. Kind of like underneath a suitcase. That makes the Mieles much easier and more comfortable to move around.

Kenmore vacuums did ok when getting pulled forwards, but when it comes to side to side movement, because of the two large wheels at the front, they have a mind of their own.

Miele Vacuums come with a One Piece Telescopic Wand:

One of the weakest links in the design of Kenmore vacuums has always been with the Metal Wand that connects the hose handle to the floor attachment. There are two crucial issues. One is that the metal wand is not adjustable. That means the user does not have the option to extend or collapse the metal wand to adjust to their height. The other problem is the weak design of the coupling that connects the top and bottom rod. That is a weak point that is prone to breakage all the time. That is one of the biggest problems with Kenmore vacuums.

Miele vacuums, on the other hand, come with a one-piece telescopic metal wand. That means there are no weak spots on the rod and the fact that you can adjust the wand's height to a comfortable length so as not to put pressure on your back while vacuuming.

Miele vacuum hoses are lighter and more flexible.

Where Kenmore hoses are pretty sturdy and durable, they tend to be inflexible and heavy. Miele hoses, on the other hand, are lightweight; they pivot from the joints and are crush-proof.

Miele vacuums have the best warranty in the business.

This is a bit unfair considering that Kenmores have been out of warranty for so long, but even when new, the warranty offered by Kenmore did not come close to Miele's free warranty.

Miele offers a free five-year warranty on everything; all components included, covering parts and labour cost. It also provides a seven-year warranty, parts and labour included on the motor.

There are three models of Miele that you should consider if you are replacing your old Kenmore vacuum:

Miele Complete C3 Excellence Powerline. The most significant difference in performance is that the powerhead included with this model does not have adjustable height capability. In contrast, the Kenmore powerheads have three adjustable height settings.

Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Powerline. This model comes with a powerhead that has five adjustable height settings.

Miele Complete C3 Powerplus Powerline. This model is Miele's top of the line vacuum. All the control buttons, such as the On/Off button and suction settings, are placed on the handle of the hose. It also comes with a powerhead with five adjustable height settings capable of cleaning various carpets and rugs, from fine Persian rugs to shag carpets.

We have come up with a Trade-In Offer specifically for people looking to upgrade from a Kenmore to a Miele vacuum. Call us Toll-Free at 1-877-220-5656 to learn more.

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Gilles Perreault - July 27, 2021

I need to replace a wheel of 41/2 inches of my vacuum Kenmore

Can you replace it? Send me this accessoirie please!

MArio GAgnon - February 17, 2021

We are currently looking at a Dyson, and have been told they do not ship to NT, which is disappointing especially during COVID-19. My daughter in the US is currently also in the market for a new vacuum and suggested your brand as she is a Dyson owner, but her vacuum has just lost suction.You advertise free shipping in Canada, does that include NT, we are part of Canada .Thank you.

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