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See what is sucking up all our sales here.
See what is sucking up all our sales here.

Best Residential Vacuums For Carpets - 2022 Canadian Models

Best Residential Vacuums For Carpets

On this page, you will see a selection of vacuums best suited for carpets. All the models featured on this page are equipped with a dedicated carpet tool. Carpet tools have a Roller Brush which agitates carpets and removes hair stuck on the carpet Piles. This Roller Brush can be either Air Driven or Motorized. 

  • Air Driven (Turbo Brush) Carpet Tools: Best for Low-Medium Pile Carpets with low to moderate amounts of dirt and hair. These carpet tools are Air Driven. That means the roller brush spins by the suction that is created by the vacuum.
  • Motorized Power Heads (Electric Powerheads / Beater Bars): Suitable For any type of carpet regardless of the thickness of the piles and the amount of dirt or hair that has to be removed. With Electric Powerheads, the roller brush is driven by a motor inside the powerhead. This creates more agitation which helps deep clean any type of carpet. This is the reason why vacuums that are equipped with a Powerhead also make great vacuums for people with pets, especially high shedding pets. 

Please see this video on best vacuums for carpets for further information: