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Jura Model Comparisons

Jura Model Comparisons. 

Please watch our video featuring the Jura line up of Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machines and learn more about the differences between the models and which model would suit your needs best:

The most common question we get is what is the difference between the Jura E6 and E8.

Well, both the E8 and the S8 are very similar models. They have the same 1.9-litre water capacity and 250g bean hopper. They have the same milk frothing system and the same grinder and brew units. So what is the difference?
  1. The biggest difference is how you interact with the machine by the touch screen you get on the Jura S8 vs the EFT button screen on the E8.
  2. The Jura S8 comes in Black, Silver and Chrome.
  3. The Jura E8 comes in Black, White and Chrome.
  4. The Jura E8 is made in Portugal whereas the S8 is made in Switzerland.

If you are still deciding which model to go with, here is a quick guide:


  • Buy the Jura A1 if you drink mostly espressos and coffees. If you like your milk-based drinks, you have a separate milk frother.
  • Buy the Jura ENA8 if you want a compact machine, jam-packed with all the features of the higher-end models. Best for limited countertops and a small family.
  • Buy the Jura E6 if you mostly drink coffees and espressos but would like to treat yourself to a milk-based drink a couple of times a week.
  • Buy the Jura E8 if you like any type of coffee and milk-based drink and you want all the best features of a Jura machine.
  • Buy the Jura S8 if you love all your coffee and milk drinks and all the features Jura has to offer, but also prefer to have a beautiful touch screen to interact with your machine.
  • Buy the Z8 if you are not limited in budget and for the best Jura coffee machine experience you can get for your home or a small office. Warning, once you get your hands on this model, you will never touch another coffee machine.
  • Buy the Jura GIGA 6 if you want the ultimate Jura Coffee Machine and you are a go big or go home type of person.