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See what is sucking up all our sales here.
See what is sucking up all our sales here.

SEBO Residential Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright Vacuums have been a popular choice for residential applications for decades now. Most people who choose to purchase an upright vacuum for their home do so because of the capabilities of an upright vacuum on deep cleaning carpets. But any house with carpets also has Bare floors. That is why we recommend the SEBO brand of upright vacuum cleaners. They can be used on all types of surfaces, and their unparalleled reputation in this segment of the market.  

The Upright vacuum cleaners you see below are Corded and Bagged and that's the way we like them.

  • Corded, because they are very powerful. They are equipped with a 1300 watt motor. No battery-powered upright vacuum can produce that much suction and airflow.
  • Bagged, because that is the best filtration mechanism in a vacuum cleaner. They are easier to maintain. They do not leak dust back into the air, and the motor lasts much longer because less dust would infiltrate the motor.

SEBO Upright vacuum cleaners are known for reliability, power, usability and quality.