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See what is sucking up all our sales here.
See what is sucking up all our sales here.
Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners For Carpets - 2020 Canadian Models

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners For Carpets - 2020 Canadian Models

So What are the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners For Carpets?

This is a very common question. What makes a vacuum cleaner suitable for carpets? Well, It all boils down to the type of Carpet Tool you get. Now, we understand that you may also have Hard floors such as Hardwood, Ceramic, Tile, etc. That's OK. All the Vacuum cleaner models suggested here come equipped with a tool for bare/hard floors, so they are all capable of handling all types of bare floors.

So, what does a carpet tool do that the bare floor tool can't? The best way to properly deep clean any carpet is by agitating (beating) the carpet. Therefore, a carpet tool is equipped with a spinning Brush Roll, which helps agitate the carpets and pick up hair that tends to stick onto the carpet pile by wrapping it around the roller brush. Therefore, a carpet tool is a tool that two with a roller brush with bristles.

There are, however, Three types of Carpet Tools available:

  1. Turbo Brushes: Best for Low-Medium Pile Carpets with low to moderate amount of dirt and hair. These carpet tools are Air Driven. That means the roller brush spins by the suction that is created by the vacuum.

Vacuum Cleaners Equipped with a Turbo Brush:

2. Motorized Power Heads (Electric Powerheads / Beater Bars): Suitable For Low to High Pile carpets. With Electric Powerheads, the roller brush is driven by a motor inside the powerhead. This helps create a lot more agitation which means ease of use and deeper cleaning of carpets. For the same reason vacuums that are equipped with a Powerhead Also make great vacuums for people with pets, especially high shedding pets.

Vacuum Cleaners Equipped with an Electric Powerhead:

3.  Motorized Powerheads With Adjustable Height Settings: The height adjustability feature of these powerheads makes them perfect for High Pile or Soft Carpets all the way down to fine rugs. Because you can manually adjust how low or high the powerhead runs over a carpet, you have complete control of how much agitation you feel is best on your carpets and rugs without damaging the piles.

Vacuum Cleaners Equipped with a Height Adjustable Electric Powerhead:

To learn more about the electric powerheads and the difference between them, you can read our blog about Electric Powerheads.

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