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Best Miele Vacuums For Bare Floors And Rugs - Canada

Best Miele Vacuums For Bare Floors and Area Rugs. 

There are 3 categories of Miele vacuum cleaner models in this category.  

  1. Miele Vacuum Cleaners that are equipped with a Combination Floor Tool. The advantage of having a combination tool is that this floor tool handles both hardwood and rugs with the flip of a rocker switch, therefore, you don't have to change attachments from one surface to another. 
  2. Miele Vacuum Cleaners equipped with a dedicated Bare Floor Tool and a dedicated Carpet Tool.
  3. Miele Cordless Stick vacuums with smart electro brush that adjusts suction and spin speed based on the surface it is used on. These models are suitable for bare floors and rugs without the need to change attachments.