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Brand: Numatic
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Numatic Nacecare PPR380 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

The Numatic / Nacecare PPR380 is another popular commercial canister amongst the commercial canister models. This model is very similar to the most popular model, the Henry PPR240, except for a couple of minor differences. You can say the PPR380 is a more industrial, bigger, non fancier version of the PPR240. The most noticeable difference is that the PPR380 gets four metal castors instead of plastic wheels. That allows for better maneuverability, especially on textured floors, such as concrete. It's a bigger machine, so it's a bit heavier, and it does not get the onboard accessory tool storage. Except for the differences mentioned, the PPR380 enjoys the same features that make the Henry PPR240 the ultimate bestseller in commercial canister vacuums. It's a very simple machine. It is designed that way on purpose. There are no suction settings, Hi/Low features, Full Bag Indicators, Automatic Cord Rewinds, and anything that may be prone to breaking down by wear and tear. Instead, the Henry PPR380 gets a very reliable, efficient, quiet motor that lasts upwards of 2000 hours and an On/Off Switch. that is it. No other unnecessary electronics. The cord has three unique features. One is that it is a very long commercial cord. Two, it is manually rewound, which is based on the idea of keeping things simple. Three, it can very easily be detached from the machine and replaced within minutes using a simple screwdriver. It is not uncommon for the power cord to be prone to damage; however, with the Henry PPR380, you can easily replace the cord without taking the machine in for service. As far as floors, the Henry PPR240 is a dry vacuum cleaner, ideal for any bare floors such as laminate, ceramic, hardwood, linoleum, and any commercial carpets.

What's In The Box?

|Numatic PPR380 (Red/Black) | Combination Floor Tool | Three Peice Wand | Tritex Filter | 1X Hepaflo Bag Installed | 1X Dusting Brush | 1X Crevice Tool | 1X Upholstery Tool

Attachment Included

Combination Floor Tool

This Combination Floor Tool is an excellent tool for Bare/Hard floors and low flat commercial carpets. Hence called a "Combination" tool. This attachment is very popular because it allows you to switch between Bare Floors and Commercial Carpets without changing the floor attachment from one surface to another.

Accessories Included

Dusting Brush

Ultra-soft dusting brush sucks up dust while you clean.

Upholstery Tool

The Upholstery Tool is the perfect size for stairs and furniture.

Crevice Tool

Crevice Tool reaches narrow spaces and corners.


Quick Change Cord System

Using a simple screwdriver, you can quickly and easily replace the power cord in case of damage—no need to take the machine in for service and no downtime.

High-efficiency long-life motor

With over 10 million Henrys sold worldwide, and most of those vacuums still in use today, there is little argument that Numatic is of the most reliable vacuum brands in the world. At the heart of a Henry vacuum, a super-efficient 620 Watt motor lasts upwards of 2000 hours.

Huge Capacity

With a 6 litres dust capacity, in a 10 Liter Bucket, the henry PPR240 has the highest dust capacity in its class. That means less emptying and less money spent on bags.

Stores Neatly Away

On-board tool storage means tools are always to hand and neatly packed away. The vacuum itself can easily be tucked away in a small closet without taking too much room.

Sealed Bag

Emptying with No Dust and No Mess. Henry’s innovative self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag, meaning emptying with no dust and no mess.

TriTex Filtration System

The TriTex Filtration system improves filtration, cleanliness and capacity. Also, by separating the dust compartment from the motor housing, the Tritex filter helps prevent dust from entering the motor and hence increases the life of the motor. It traps 99.97% of particles down to 3 microns.

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Brand Numatic Nacecare
Vacuum Style Canister
Vacuum Type Bagged
Suitable for Hard Floors Yes
Commercial Carpets Yes
Combination Floor Tool Yes
Dedicated Bare Floor Tool No
Dedicated Carpet Tool No
Air Driven Carpet Tool No
Motorized Carpet Tool No
Height Adjustable Motorized Carpet Tool No
Variable Suction Setting No
Cord Length 33 ft
Integrated Accessories Storage Yes
Weight 16 Lbs
Motor Power 620 W
Bagless No
Dust Bag Capacity 6 L


Free 10 Years
Motor & Parts Warranty
10 years as long as NaceCare OEM Vacuum Bags are used in the machine otherwise it is reduced to 2 years. Parts including switches and electrical parts excluding wear items. Labour Warranty is only 3 years.
Wear Items
Warranty Exclusions
These items are not eligible for warranty coverage. These include: vacuum hoses, hose cuffs, hose fittings, brushes, belts, filters, filter screens, grips, Castors, Wheels, Tires, Light Bulbs, Gaskets, Carbon brushes, fuses, drain hoses, power cords, bearings, o-rings, armatures, and vacuum bags.
Warranty Center
We are a Numatic service and warranty center. When you purchase your new Numatic vacuum from us, and a part needs to be changed under warranty, you can contact us, and we will ship you the part free of charge.


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