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Unbeatable suction, unbeatable savings! Dive into our vacuum sale now! Click here!
Unbeatable suction, unbeatable savings! Dive into our vacuum sale now! Click here!

Miele Airclean XL-Pack GN Bag (8 Bags + 4 Filters)

Brand: Miele
SKU: 10455150
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Miele GN Bags - Value Pack (8 Bags - 4 Filters) 

GN Bags are Miele's larger bags at 4.5 Liters. This 8-Pack GN Bags is meant to be a 2 year supply of bags and filters. That obviously would depend on the amount of usage and size of your home. There are 8 bags and 4 filters included in this box. 2 Pre-Motor Filter and 2 Exhaust Filter to be exact. The Filters should be changed once every year or Every 4 Bags. The bags are to be changed once full, or roughly every 3 months. The GN bags fit below current models:

  • All Miele Complete C3 Powerline Models:
    • Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition
    • Miele Complete C3 Excellence
    • Miele Complete C3 Totalcare
    • Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog
    • Miele Complete C3 Powerplus
  • Classic C1 Models

Older / Discontinued Models that take GN Bags:

  • S2
  • S5
  • S8
  • S400i - S456i
  • S600 - S658
  • S800 - S858
  • S2000 - S2999 Series
  • S5000 - S5999 Series
  • S8000 - S8999 Series
  • Complete C2 Series  

Miele New G/N Value Pack (2 Year Supply) Bags

Each box has 8 Miele New G/N 3D Bags, 2 motor filters and 2 air clean filters.

The 3D bags inflate with even the slightest flow of air, allowing you to vacuum for up to 20% longer without having to change the bag.

There are no dust fumes that come out of the original Miele 3D G/N bags because these bags are made out of 9 layers of filters,  ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.


Don't know which Miele vacuum bag to get for your Miele vacuum? See the compatibility chart below to find the right bag for your Miele vacuum cleaner.


Note; All Miele canister vacuums either take FJM or GN bags. The difference between FJM and GN bags is only the dust capacity, not the fitting. GN bags are 1 litter larger in terms of bag volume than FJM bags, however, the front tab fitting is exactly the same. So even if you chose the wrong bag, it still fits your canister Miele vacuum nicely. You may have one litter with more or less dust capacity. 





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